09 December

Why Does Bobby Fly?

When Mrs. Donna Wills went to her baby’s room to check on her one-year-old son, she fainted at the site that greeted her; he was floating ...
06 December

A Real Girl

Forgive me if I don’t seem exactly charming today, but it’s the worst day of my life. What’s wrong? I just had my heart torn out and dashe...
05 December

Tone Of Tears

My life is full of tears, But I use to fight then and then,
02 December

When the clock gets sick

Once upon a time, in a land not too far from where you live, there was a bank whose outside clock was the talk of the town. Clocks usually...
29 November

Elllen Needs Grasses

Ellen the eagle first suspected that she needed glasses the day that she swooped down out of the sky and grabbed a small lawn chair to car...
25 November

The Spirit

The Wee One, sat in her thinking place, puzzling. The purple hyacinths grew behind the moss covered rock she sat upon. 


I remember perfectly well the kind of   shock that brushes through me each time I hear him call my name, it felt like electricity.
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