Get Paid To Do Little Jobs [updated]

30 July

Hi, good day and welcome to another brand new Tuesday, July 30, 2017 and the only one that will ever exist. If you’re a constant reader at Afra Tales, you would have been opportune to partake in our multi-money making opportunities and other goodies which we bring to you. Yes, the reason is just that we take you guys first, we love you a milli and we cherish you, knowing fully-well that without you, there will be no Afra Tales, so we make sure that there is you. We publish stories here to keep you coming and we reward you with opportunities because you are more than precious to us, and the time you spend here must be rewarded. Well, I know that you must have been attracted by this catching title, “GRAB THIS FREE MONEY NOW” and somewhere in your mind, you might have said, “let me just check this out, it’ll be just one of the scams that occupy the world wide web.
If you thought that, I wouldn’t blame you because truly, there are more scams on the net than true, and some true are just too good to be good, but still, the genuine supersedes the false, YEAH! You can’t say that I want to dupe you because you are paying no dime and still, you are spending little time, just do some things you normally do online and get paid for them, THAT’S ALL, they are ALL FREE OF CHARGE to JOIN OR SIGN UP! You should give them a try and see for yourself, you’ll have testimonies.
So let’s get straight to the point, what do I want to introduce to you? I’m not here to wear you down with some uninteresting vowels and consonants combinations, but I love to take everything detailed, and I just want to help you be financially independent, and you’re are not even loosing anything at all. You just do some things which you normally do, like click ads, take surveys, watch videos, share links on Facebook, Twitter, etc and you’re in. once you hit the minimum payout, you catch out by PayZa[highly recommended], Payoneer, Paypal, Skrill or any other alternatives which they have given. I will give you just two methods and with time, I’ll give you more, because we don’t have to rush things at all.

Now let’s go:

Paid To Shorten URLs: This is just there to pay you to shorten your url with them. In case you don’t know what this means, you would have seen stuffs like, tiny.url/******,*****,***** and so on. These are all shortened urls and they help you protect your original urls, and also help you in case any website had banned your links. Now what is the mystery behind this? They would show an ad in between the url, and the viewers have 5 seconds to skip the ads, and you are paid once they view it. You do no work, just go to a website, get a post you enjoyed, shorten the url and leave the rest to them.
Once you reach the minimum payout, you are paid into your PayZaPayoneerPaypalSkrill as desired. You don’t need to upgrade or something like that, it’s all free because the companies are willing to pay you to do that. Why not join this wonderful opportunity now, sign up and shorten urls, then get paid? It’s so easy, it’s so interesting, and that’s for you. Join it now to start earning from your Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and any other way you choose. Join here now >>>
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