As I opened the front door, I saw a brown envelope lying on the floor. I wondered who had dropped it there, maybe it was one of those surprises my husband always give me,  I thought. When I opened the brown envelope, I saw pictures of my husband and a lady in bed. I was shocked. Even though I suspected it, I still couldn't believe he had a mistress.

That night as I heard my husband's car drove in, I went to bed immediately, not sure how I'd react on seeing him. I heard him call my name lots of times from the hallway, but I choose not to respond. He walked into the bedroom and saw that I was asleep, I knew he was surprised to see me in bed that early. He just gave me a kiss on my cheek and went to have his dinner.

The next day as he was preparing for work, I pretended I was still asleep to avoid talking to him. I wondered when me avoiding him was going to last.

" Darling are you alright?, you've been acting strange lately". He said as he lased his shoes . When he saw that I wasn't responding, he knelt closer to the bed and started touching my hair. " If you want I can skip work today and stay with you, will that make you feel better?"

" Just go away Jack, I don't wanna see your face! "

"Jack?, it's so obvious that you're very upset, whatever it is, I will leave you to cool down first ". He said and walked out. I knew he was hurt, because I've never called him by his first name before.

Three days later, he phoned me that he was coming home. I wondered why he was coming so early. When he got home, he didn't even touch his lunch. He only said that he had a confession to make. He was so nervous that the words were not even  coming out
"I..., Janelle..., I have been cheating on you all this while, and I'm sorry "

"I know, I saw those pictures. And I bet your being blackmailed by her. I'm I right? ". He was shocked and quite, I knew she was blackmailing him.

"Darling I'm sorry, I love you Janelle, so much. I don't know why I... " . He said as tears run down his cheeks.

"Don't darling me jack, you don't love me. Coz if you did, you wouldn't have cheated on me. And I'm never going to forgive you for this never. " I said and walked out on him. I cried all night, I knew I had to reach a decision, to devorce him or to forgive him. I was in a dilemma, unable to sleep.

I woked up half dead the next morning, It was around 8:00am that I fell asleep. In the afternoon I decided to go and see that trump. When I got closer to her house, the bitch thought I was going to beat her up. But I only had one intention, to make her regret ever being born. I just told her how she has been used and dumped by my husband, and how her plan to ruin my marriage was a complete failure. And how the Band-Aids don't fix bullet holes. She felt so bad, and that made me feel so damn good.

Although I did not know the steps to take to remedy the situation at home, I felt a big weight had been lifted off my shoulders. That evening my husband came in very drunk. I just couldn't say "I have forgiven him". It was only three days to the family get together that is organized by my father every three months. And I knew it was the perfect time and place to forgive him.

If you're going to devorce your husband because he cheated on you, then you're making a very big mistake. Are you going to let someone else enjoy all what you and your husband had built? And if you're also breaking up your girlfriend or boyfriend just because his/her ex is troubling him/ her then you're making a big mistake. Prove to them that they've lost, and he or she is in better hands. And no matter what they do, the person choose to be with you. To all the mistresses and side chicks out there,  though you will be enjoying the money and gifts now, later when they start treating you no better than a whore,  then you'll know.

Author : Ivy Darko
Facebook name : Ivie Akua Darko

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