My Teenage Mom

She was young, beautiful and intelligent. Everyone called her the village princess, for her fair complexion brightens more than any girl in the village. My grandma always used to say
that she was destined to marry a prince or a rich man from the city.
Among all the three daughters of my grandma, My mom was her favorite. This made my aunties developed hatred for her. When they go to the farm together to pick food,  my aunties will run and intentionally leave her behind to walk through the bushes of the farm home alone. If they were still selling  people like in the days of Joseph, I bet they would've sold her.
The distraction of my mother started when a constructor and his family came to the village for some construction work. His son, on seeing my mom fell in love with her. She didn't accept to be his girlfriend at first but my aunties convinced her to do so.
Three months later, she became pregnant, he said they should keep me when my mother told him about it. But exactly one week after his dad's construction work was over, he left with his family never to be seen again in the village. My mom became the laughing stock in the village, though she was humiliated and mocked  she refused to abort me. She was just 18 and had to go through the difficulties of pregnancy.
When I was 14 years old, she gave me an advice that kept me going till now, she said that if I grow up and have and ambition or a dream, I should set my mind towards achieving those dreams and never let anyone brainwash me or back me down. I should never break any of my principles no matter what happens.
Today, I'm also telling you not to dream of great accomplishment but rather stay awake and do them.

Author: Ivy Darko 
Nationality: Ghanaian
Facebook Name: Ivie Akua Darko

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