The Day I Will Not Forget

10 August

Every day has its own distinctive features.And what had happened made it to be so important in the hearts of people.
For example the day of independence,the day of election of a new leader,the day of establishing an institution etc. This thought is what has drawn my mind to name my story as such.  It is what I experienced on the day that used to come into my memory from time to time The experience is so bitter to the extent that I feel irritated whenever I remember it. Please readers  go through the story to feel the experience. 
It was early evening as  I was driving the cattle  of my father to graze. My elder brother called Bishir advised that we should climb a tree to eat its fruit. Submissively I heeded his advice for I did not want to go against my elder;it was highly prohibited in our family.      Therefore,we both went to execute our intention.Being that my elder brother is more clever than I was, he climbed easily. But for my part the thing was difficult. As soon as I tried,I fell down without climbing. I felt as if to stop then I remembered that by trying a monkey learned  how to climb from a tree to a tree without falling down. Having thought that I tried hard then there I was. Had I known what would happen,I would not have climbed the tree.

I was on a branch when the painful thing happened. I did not know, suddenly, I had a sting which confused the whole comfort I got while I was eating the fruit. Looking again vigilantly at the place,I found a huge swamp of  bee going round angrily. That was what made my hair stood up in fear . I drew myself back hastily to leave the whole tree by all means. My scream had already driven my elder brother away. I was almost to fall from the high place because of the pain of the sting I was having by the swamp of bee. Successfully,I descended with lots of stings on my head and the rest of the body.I ran away quickly from the cursed tree with all the strength I possessed.After a few minutes my brother came closer and removed all the visible sting of my body;that was the source of my getting better.

For that reason I called the day unforgettable day.


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