Unforgettable Moment

One day in class I saw a girl sleeping in her desk,"she's beautiful" the man said
The girl shock cause she's didn't expecting someone watching her.
The girl decide to yell him but she didn't,she just walk away.
The boy follow her and ask her name"Sapphire" she's answered with a smiling face, and continue to walk.
"gemstone, like a gemstone" he said to his self while watching the girl walk far away.
....he always thinking about the girl and wander if he can see her again.
"Mom did you see my favorite t-shirt,I want to wear it today" the boy said to his mother"your little brother might be the one hiding it,look at his room maybe he still have it"mother said
He open the door of his little brother's room so his little brother didn't know that he already got the t-shirt
he saw Sapphire at the bench lonely and he go and try to be friendly."gemstone"he said
"huh??"Sapphire look straight to the boy.
"your name is like a gemstones,it's beautiful like you."he smile
Sapphire walk away again and she's trying to avoid that boy,the boy followed her and his trying to hold his hands.
"who are you??"Sapphire ask him
"I'm....."before he answered the girl he saw Sapphire look mad and walk.
he stop following her cause Sapphire look like someone else.
Meanwhile in the class he saw her again and he want to talk to her suddenly Sapphire said to him "stop..stop following me"their eye meet each other
and he didn't say anything at her after Sapphire said to him to stop..
Next day he want to know more about Sapphire,he realized that something about her but he didn't saw her again,in many day he just heard Sapphire was gone and nobody know's about it even her parents are mystery to the neighborhood of her, she was leaving at her own self.
He was wander why Sapphire leaving,he close his eyes."it's green..."he open his eyes and cry..
The first time they meet Sapphire's eyes was green turn to purple the last time they're eyes meet each other.

Author: Aiko Delfino
Facebook: Aiko Delfino

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