Wrong Choice

I was just 14, when I lost my parents in a fire accident. After the accident, My auntie took me in. She took very good care
of me like a daughter she never had . A month after I completed Junior high school , my auntie had a car accident and kicked the bucket. I had lost all hope, everyone and everything. Where and who I was going to I did not know.
A 17 year old girl on the streets, homeless, hungry, thirsty, and dirty. I had no hope and no chance of survival, until I met an angel, he was heaven sent. That was what I thought. He took me in, fed me, and sent me back to school. He was an engineer, about 40 years of age, and was an half caste.
Everything was going on smoothly,  he treated me like his daughter, and that made me very happy.
Three months after completing Senior high school, something happened.  He started harassing me sexually, forcing me to make love to him. That night, he give me two choices. To accept his proposal or end up on the streets. I was so lost and confused. I had no where to go and no one to go to.
So I accepted his proposal 
This continued for two years. Each time I ask him money for school fees, he demanded for sex in exchange. After three years of torture and guilt, I realized that on that night, I was given two choices and I chose to make the wrong choice.

Always remember that in every given situation, there are two choices. So there is no situation whereby someone will say, I had no choice that's why I did what I did. Always keep it in mind,  that God loves you so much to put you in a situation where you can't flee yourself. We have two choices in every situation we find ourselves in, we just have to make the right choice.

Author: Ivy Darko
Facebook Name: Ivie Akua  Darko
Number: (+233)********72

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