18 September

Babies are the best gift from God to Momies, most women tend to love their babies more than their husbands. Which makes the men angry. When a single mother sees her baby smiling and full of happiness, It motivates and gives her a reason to live 
Babies bring joy, happiness, and peace into a family. 

When there is wealth and luxury but no babies, a family becomes disrupted. If a baby will grow up and become a successful leader, It depends on his upbringing. In most families where it took years for the woman to give birth, they end up pampering the baby and cover up for their mistakes. 

But if you keep on covering up their sins and mistakes, they become hard to control when they grow up. Parents should always let God be their role models. He is a perfect example of a great parent, who punishes his children when they sin, and then correct them from wrong.

Most young ladies abort their babies because they think they've gone against God's commandment by fornicaing. But what they tend to forget is that they commit double sin by aborting their babies. It's not the baby's fault, he didn't ask to be formed. Then why should they suffer for our carelessness? 

The world is funny sometimes, while others cry to have babies, others too kill those they have. Babies are gifts from God, learn to treasure yours when you have one. 
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