Beautiful Nightmare

08 September

It was 12:00am when I checked the time, and the door won't stop banging. I wonder who it was. ' was it Joanne, did she change her mind and decided to get back?. No it can't be, she would have phoned me'. I went and took a look but there was no one, when I was about to reach the bedroom door, the knock came again. There still was no one, but this time, I heard whistling coming from the back yard.

I went in, took a touch light and a coat and started walking towards the backyard. As I got closer, I saw broken glasses everywhere. " what the hell happened here? " I murmured. I lifted up my head and saw a shadow on the wall, as I was about to turn  to see whose shadow it was, I felt something hit the back of my head. At that instant everything went blank.

It was still midnight when I regained consciousness, but I wasn't anywhere closer to my home. I was in the thick forest all tied up. It was too dark I could barely see, I only could hear Wolf-like sounds getting closer and closer. I still felt the pain in my neck. As the sound got even more closer, I saw that the weren't wolves but animal -human creatures.

There were twelve of them, dark in complexion, their eyes were burning like fire, their teeth were that of lions. And they moved just like monkeys. They all started sniffing me, as soon as they were about to take a bite of my flesh, I saw a man in white. He didn't try untiring me but rather asked a question.

" Young man, I can see you're in the dark. Do you need light? "
As soon as I said yes, everything became the exact opposite. It was daytime, there was the light of the sun, flowers, waterfall etc. I also saw children playing and various families having picnics. It was such a beautiful place.

" The darkness tied you up, but the light fled you "
I then saw that I was no longer tied up. I woked up and realized that I had a nightmare, not just any nightmare but a beautiful one.

The late night parties, the smoking and drinking, the prostitutes I pick up every evening after work, all made me realized that I was in the dark, and needed to find light.

Author : Ivy Darko
Facebook Name : Ivie Akua Darko
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