12 September

I had to flee from home not because I wanted to, but because my mom asked me to do so. My dad's drinking habit has made him gone completely insane. In other to maintain peace, I had to go. That night it had been raining cats and dogs, I had no other option than to call Brain. We've only been in a relationship for three months, and the last thing I wanted was to become a burden for him. But he was my only chance.

He came to my aid immediately as I informed him. I was freezing and shaking, when he saw me in the rain, he was very surprised. He took of his jacket and covered me up with it and then  helped me into his car. It took us almost an hour to get to his three story building house. It was such a beautiful place. He took me to his bedroom and offered me some clean clothes and a hot cup of tea.

 He didn't even bother asking me what had happened, because he knew that I wasn't in the state to speak. He gave me a warm hug and asked me to get some sleep. The next day, I woked up feeling much better, but when I checked the time, it was 9:am. I couldn't believe I slept that long, as I got up to lay the bed, I saw that Brain had already made breakfast. I wondered when he had brought it because the tea had gone cold.

I finished it up and took the tray to the kitchen. I bumped into him on my way out. He asked how my night was, and how I was feeling now. I knew I had to tell him everything.
" Brain, I'm so sorry for troubling you ,I promise to leave as soon as everything cools down. "

" What are you saying Magritte, I'm your boyfriend and it my duty to ensure that you're safe and protected. My home is yours too, and you can stay for as long as you want "

We became more closer as each day passed by, he was such a gentleman that he didn't even dare touch me. I only felt sad because I hadn't heard from home. He sent me on a week stay at the oak plaza hotel. It was there that I did my first horse riding. Every thing was amazing and gave me a sense of relaxation. The food, spa and a whole lots. On my way back home from the hotel, I heard from home but it was bad news.

" My da..., my dad was dead. He drunk and drove again, but this time, he couldn't make it. ". Inspite of his meanness towards me, and how he called me useless and a misfortune,i really did love him. And the news about his death shatterd me, I wished that I had a good father and daughter relationship with him. Through out his burial ceremony, Brain was there to support and console me. I remembered how I used to play hard to get with him, and how him on the other hand, will criticize and make fun of me all the time. I never knew he was such a kind and humble gentleman. I vowed to always cherish his love and hold on tight to him and never let go.

" Oh dad, only if you knew how much I love you". I heard myself mutter.

Author: Ivy Darko
Nationality: Ghanaian
Facebook Name: Ivie Akua Darko 

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