Legendary Snow White (Part One)

10 September
Once upon a time there's a kingdom who live a beautiful girl name Snow White and her father king George who rule the kingdom of Hirial.Snow White never saw her mother cause
her mother died after she got born,but all she knows her mother is a beautiful and a good queen of Hirial.Snow White always make her father happy,and also a humble daughter.Every time her father tired she always sing for him.One day king George decide to visit a far away village and he let some of his men to watch her daughter Snow White,because he don't know if he  will come back early at the kingdom.

Several day past in his way back home from far away village,he saw a woman with a black coat crying,begging for his help.King George stop his horse and help  the woman and he bring the woman to the castle.The king let his servants feed her,and after that he introduce his daughter Snow White to her and the woman introduce herself too."Minerva,my name is Minerva your highness,nice to meet you",Minerva said to the princess "nice to meet you too,Minerva"Snow White said.
In a past few days the king received a message from one of his messenger that many people missing and found dead,the king tried to solve the problem but still no answer found.The next day Minerva ask Snow White to help her to fix some of a flowers in the garden,the two of them are to close to  each other.One day the king  think and decide to having a new queen to help her to rule the kingdom and he chose Minerva to be his queen and to be the mother of his daughter.

They got married and after the wedding ceremony king George received a news and a message from the messenger again,many people died and they don't know what the cause of it,the king let his Men investigates his village.How many days , weeks past still they don't have a clue what really happend.One night the king and the new queen having a conversation in there room.Early in the morning the servants went to there room to bring their food and found out the king lay down dead and the queen collapse with a blood and a knife on her body,They're found out that an intruder came at there room to kill the king and the queen but the king was the only one Died.The loyal armies and loyal servants  decide the queen Minerva will role the kingdom because Snow White can't role and she still young.Snow White is so sad and she feel alone after her father died,Snow White notice that the queen is different from before and Snow White always heard from the messenger that something happened at the village but the queen said stop investigate about the dead body cause they just make the villagers afraid instead of helping them what really really happened.Years past Snow White already grown up,she's already 18 and she decide to go to the village and to know what really going on,she heard rumours that the villagers said that something creepy going on every night they heard someone always screaming and they don't want to find out,the next morning they already knows that scream is coming from a distance home who leave a families,mother and father found dead and two children still missing,the armies found the missing children in the forest and they already Dead.Snow White go back to the castle immediately to tell the queen what she heard that the villagers said,she so worried about the people,and she noticed that the people around the castle and some of the servants are different,Snow White don't know them she ask some of her servant what's happening here why all the faces are different,the queen
 change everything ,she change her servant,her Men and her armies she decides to change Snow White servants and everything too,but Snow White heard her and she refuse and she also tell about the villagers.The queen Minerva mad at her she already said that to stop investigated about that it might make the villagers afraid,but  Snow White insist to help them ,the queen walk away.Queen Minerva was at her room,drinking some of her collection,one of her magic mirror want to tell her something?/"There's one girl will kill you someday and she will the one to stop you,"the mirror said to the queen,"who is she"queen ask,"Snow White"mirror said.

The queen mad and afraid that she will die and Snow White will rule everything,she call one of her private servants ,her private servant the one that been collecting all the blood from the village been killed.Minerva is a mystery woman that been helping by Snow White's father.She command one of her servant to kill Snow White if he want to drink her blood go ahead but make sure to kill her.Snow White try to figure out something that she heard what the villagers said before and she also ask to the messenger about it but its to late cause the messenger been exchange too,she was at her room thinking what to do to help the people,someone knock at her door and she open the door and saw a man ,that man want some help,and begging Snow white to help him,Snow White want to help  but she don't know what to do,the man want Snow White to follow him,then she follows the man before that she want to get something,Snow White get her coat and then she go out at her room.they're going to the woods and the man stop and he looks at Snow White ways and Snow White wonders why he stop and the man suddenly get near her and he show his fangs and Snow White afraid and shout so loud but no one heard her,the man successful bite her neck and he get his knife so that he will kill her before she will turn to a vampire.Before he does he heard someone  coming and that man saw him and shout"what are you doing with the girl"the servant run and he  Left her.
The man who saw Snow White took her and he bring her at his place,and after that he show her at his other siblings their  are seven of them,the two siblings both put Snow White at the bed and they discover she was been bitten by the vampire.The man who help her said"maybe that man I saw is a vampire,we should lock her here in the room before she will kill us or we should kill her before she turn to a vampire".
The seven siblings are been known to be a happy family they're are three girls and four boys,John is the older followed by Cris,Carver,Nina,Cathy,Claire and Kevin.Carver is the one who help Snow White at the woods,and the siblings knows about the history of a vampires.Meanwhile Nina decide to check  
Snow White if she already wake up while entered the room she saw her trying to kill herself,Nina tried to stop her but she was to strong maybe because she already turn to a vampire Nina shout for help,she call her brothers and Carver took a knife and he want her die,but John didn't want Carver kill her same to Nina.The older want to help her cause she's just the victim."She want to kill herself"Nina said to her brother,Kevin get a rope so his brother will tie her up,Claire ask"who are you and where your coming from?"Snow white just keep silent.
Where have you been,I ask Chris to find you?"john ask to his sister Cathy.
"I just looking some animals so we can feed her by animals blood"she answered.

A hour past the loyal servant of the queen is already back to the castle,and he thinking if he tell her that somebody saw him while trying to kill Snow White,but while thinking the queen was looking for him and they finally meet and she ask if he finished his job,the man tell  the queen what he supposed to say but truth  is he lie to the queen that Snow white is dead.
Queen Minerva was so happy that she successfully kill the one who will kill her someday.The queen call the meeting of the night and the others vampire been loyal to her was there too,they been discussed for the future of the kingdom of Hirial.
Meanwhile,Snow White ask them"why don't you all kill me,I'm a monster now?"
"You want to die already?if you want I will kill you now."Carver said"can I ask your name,?"Nina ask.The siblings all was in Snow White room where they prison her."My name is Snow White".she said.
They all shock after what they heard,they knew princess of Hirial name was Snow White but they never saw her face."Your the princess of this town ?"they all ask
Snow White answered"yes".
Carver said to Snow White"why you were at the woods?princess should not be alone there,"she respond "the man need my help she ask me to follow him,so I was following him in the woods,I don't know that man is a vampire,and he turn me into one of him ."she cried and ask if they know how to fix it,but they don't know how to fix her but they willing to help or to train her to drink an animal blood instead of humans blood so Snow White will not killing anyone.Snow white tell the siblings maybe what happened at the villager is connected to him,she tell that something mysterious going on at the village ,she want the 7 siblings tell her about a vampire or anything about them.

Author: Jolleybay Delfino 
Facebook: Aiko Delfino

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