Legendary Snow White (Part Three)

Snow White follow the man who bite her,but she didn't notice that the man is going at the castle.She walk so slow so  the man won't find out that he been followed.Until the princess
follow the man inside the castle,she notice that she sense the same kind of her,they're to many of them but there's also many humans inside the ballroom dance.She almost forgot that she's following the man who bite her.The man stop at the room of queen Minerva,the princess wondered and she sense something that make her so scared but she want to know why the man who bite her going at her stepmother's room.While the man knock and entered the room,Snow white go near the door and she heard that the queen sounds happy.Until she heard that the queen the one who want her die and also  a vampire,and it reveal that the queen the one who kill Snow white father.The princess was to shock she didn't think clearly and she open the door,she want to kill her but at that time John and Carver was inside the castle too.Before Snow white open the door,the brothers get her and they run.The queen notice that the door open suddenly,she go outside to look what it is but no one is there.She call one of her servant and say"we should start already,prepare the feast,make sure to close the door of the castle so no one will come except our visitors".Before that Snow white and the two siblings fighting each other but they didn't notice that the door is going to close, before that Cathy suddenly shown up and tell them to leave cause the door gonna close.Snow white insist to left behind cause she will face the queen,but John didn't allow her.Until the queen Minerva suddenly heard a voice not coming from the visitors but coming from the intruder.The queen call her vampire armies to find the intruder and kill them.Snow white and the three siblings went find a way out,but they can't find cause every doors in the castle been close and some vampires been guarding there,but the princess see far away or every room in the castle that the vampires armies are are running so fast like they been searching something,but until that Snow white tell the siblings to go and she have a plan,they agree but Snow white must leave the castle to.Snow White can protect herself cause she's a vampire already,she's and the armies been are fighting to each other but the other vampires search the human with the princess but Snow white stop them all.The siblings fight too,until they found a way out and they waiting for the princess.The princess run as fast as she could to go way out.She found the siblings and they successfully go out at the castle.Meanwhile queen Minerva saw Snow White at the window,she was shock after what she saw.Queen Minerva didn't believe that Snow white still alive,she so mad and she suddenly bite one of her guests the other humans visitors shock what they saw at the queen,but they can't go out anymore cause all the main door at the castle is close,the vampires start theirs feast and they so happy except the queen.All the people from other kingdom are all dead,many innocents villagers didn't know yet what happened inside the castle.Queen Minerva call the vampire that she command to kill the princess,the man entered the queen's room,the queen ask if he really kill the princess the man just nodded and he make the queen really mad cause she knew that Snow white still alive and she turn into a vampire like her.
The man still didn't say anything at all,until the queen kill him instead cause he didn't finish what the queen ask for.

The princess and the three siblings already got home and the older brother really mad what the princess thinking and she really disappointing him,Snow white doesn't say anything except"sorry".John just accept her apologies and he didn't allow Snow white to go to the castle again if that make her to try to kill the queen.John afraid at the queen cause the queen Minerva is a greedy vampire and strong she will do everything to get what she,John will do everything  to make his family safe.He ask Snow white if she had a plan to save the villagers without the queen know.The other siblings who left at the house happy cause no ones die and Carver thank that Cathy was safe.Snow white just smile and grateful that no ones got hurt by her stupid though  while they're at the castle.Nina prepare their bed so they can rest,the princess already sleep,Nina go to her older brother,John and say"she's a strong woman,she will do the right things if you guiding her."and she smile.

Meanwhile at the castle,the queen already have her decision that she will the one will kill the princess ,so she will make sure that Snow white will die.Minerva prepared an apple cause she didn't think to kill the princess by using a silver,cause she knew that Snow white will sense her.She get the poison that will kill a vampire and put it inside the apple and she ask some of her servant vampire to find a crystal that will never sense a vampire,the servant get the crystal to the antique and he give to the queen.
In the morning the three siblings brothers went to hunt some animals in the woods,the girls and the princess helping cleaning at their small house and Snow white decide to go to pick some flowers and she ask one of the siblings brother that left behind to go with her,Kevin ask a permission to his sister if he can go with the princess ,Nina let her brother go with Snow white.Snow white and Kevin was at the garden full of flowers that no one been there before,Kevin running around while Snow white pick some flowers for the house,meanwhile some old lady was there,her skin is dry and also her lips,its obvious that she didn't eat and drink for her entire life.Snow white saw her and she want to help the old lady.The princess  brings some food and water for Kevin,she knew that they will stay at the garden to long and she bring her food to.She go near at the old lady and she gives a water to her,the old lady thanks her a lot,she say,she didn't eat and drink for one month. She want to replace Snow white kindness the only things she give was an apple.The princess refuse to accept the apple but the old lady insist to give the apple,Snow white accept the apple and she eat the apple,the old lady smile and she whispered to her and said"you should die".

Snow White drop the apple and she suddenly collapse,she slowly close her eyes and she saw the old lady standing.

Author: Jolleybay Delfino 

Facebook: Aiko Delfino

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