Legendary Snow White (Part Two)

"We believe that were not the only creatures in the world,sometimes God mistaken created a human who want to leave forever,but for change they all obsessed of blood,they all leave
by drinking humans blood and they gonna die if they will heat direct to the sun,but vampires are to clever to expose their bodies to the sun.They all using a black pearl to make their self safe to the sun that's why many vampires are walking to the daylight and night.But vampire have weakness too,they die easily when a silver things will heat at their heart,"
John said,and he gives something to  the princess a necklace with a black pearl on it,so Snow white will walk free at anytime,he trust Snow white cause after what she said about the mysterious happen in the village.He know what's going on the village of Hirial,he knows that many vampires are walking among human and he tell Snow white about the Queen,he never trusted the queen even though the first time the king brought her at the castle.Snow white shook after what she heard about her stepmother queen Minerva,she don't believe what he say about her stepmother,but John insist that the queen Minerva is the vampire queen.

At the castle,after the meeting of the night together with her servant vampire ,the queen decide to reunite all  vampires that been hiding to come over to kingdom of Hirial.She command all the vampire servant to collect humans blood at the village,but she will make sure that the villagers don't know what she'd done.
All the vampire been calling by the queen are already arrive at the kingdom,but the villagers don't know what happened to Snow White, cause they been heard the princess was already died because she's suffering from terrible illness.
The villagers suffering from fear because many people found dead,some of them decided to talk to the queen that many people was afraid of what happened,the queen just smile and said"don't worry I'll do everything to make the village peace from fear,you should go now"
The next day the villagers that came to the castle who talk to the queen found dead in their house.

Some of  the villagers that afraid trying to go far but they  didn't allow by the queen,some of them trying to ask some help from other village and kingdom but they ended to keep silent,they don't know what to do,they will die if they secretly to go out from the kingdom of Hirial.Some other kingdom come to visit the queen to discuss about the supply of apples cause the kingdom of Hirial are full of apples tree.The people from other kingdom notice that the villagers of the kingdom is afraid of something,kingdom of Hirial try to talk but they can't.The villagers of Hirial still don't know about the vampire,some of them notice that queen know something that they don't know.Other people from other kingdom finally have an agreement to the queen that the kingdom of Hirial will produced an apples to them for replace they should let other people to come along to the kingdom of Hirial cause the queen of Hirial said that their kingdom is beautiful,many flowers at  the garden and also an apple trees,and they have a nice people at village.The man from other kingdom want to ask cause he noticed something but instead of ask he decide not to talk cause maybe its just his imagination.The  villagers from other kingdom decide to go back to their kingdom together with the apples that they brought from the Hirial.

Two of the siblings decide to go to the kingdom of Hirial to buy some supplies for them and also a chickens alive for the princess,they use the chicken's blood to feed the princess.Meanwhile as the two siblings already at the village they notice that some of the villagers didn't open their store and they didn't sell anything.The two of them just buy a breeds and a clothes.And they also buy an apples and vegetables,but they didn't buy a meat or chicken alive cause no one selling them.After they finished buying they saw a note that the castle is having a visitors from other kingdom and many people will come to visit the kingdom of Hirial.
After what they know they immediately go back home and tell Snow White and to their other siblings.

Snow white help Nina to look for woods and after that she help her to cook.Snow White can go outside already after John give her the necklace of black pearl on it,Snow white sing her favorite song while cleaning at the small house of the seven siblings and she can carry a heavy things like bed and chair,Kevin was with her they are laughing at each other.They're waiting for the two of their siblings so they can eat together.After a hour past the two siblings are already got home and they give the things that they buy at the village to Claire and Nina,Snow white helping them too.They tell their brother that they didn't buy a chicken cause no one selling them,so John decide to hunt so he will feed Snow white,before that they tell Snow White that the villagers are in danger some of them are didn't go out at their house  and also the queen having celebration at the castle,some of them are didn't from the kingdom of Hirial.Snow white want to see the villagers and she also want to know what the truth,but John didn't allow her to go yet, he tell Nina to prepare their lunch and he said to the princess"we will discuss it while eat,"before that Carver go outside the house and he hunt John help his brother.At the kitchen in the table Nina prepared a food that she and Snow white cook,and the two brothers that hunt Snow white's food is already prepared too.They discuss how they allow the princess go to the village without other vampire saw her especially the one who bite her,Snow white can't go alone at the kingdom full of vampires.John afraid that maybe something gonna happen at the princess,"Snow white is a vampire,she's strong she can protect herself and also she's just want to see what happens to the villagers,she didn't go there to fight."Cathy said to her old brother,
They all agree what the princess want but John,Carver and Cathy will go with her at the village.

In the morning Snow white prepare to go to the village,she disguised herself into a man and the other siblings are already with her,before that ,Snow white want to go her father's grave.She give a flowers and she put an apple on it too,she tell the siblings that her mother the one who plant the apple,she didn't expect that it will produce many apples.Snow white visiting the garden and the plantation of apples.
She walk until she didn't know that the three siblings left behind,she forgot that she's a vampire,she can do everything,she can walk so fast and hearing even the people are so far from her.She pick some flowers from the garden and lay down at the grass until the siblings saw many people from other kingdom already arrive and they told the princess that they should visit the villagers while the vampires are busy,but they don't know that the other vampire still at the village.Meanwhile at the village Snow white saw the man that bite her at the woods she follow him but the siblings don't know that she's gone.Cathy saw a vampire took a young girl and they go at the place where there's no people around,She told her brother what she saw until they notice that Snow white is gone,they decide to look for her but Cathy want to help the young girl.Cathy sneak out from her brother,she's trying to help the girl until she entered the house its so dark but Cathy get her weapon so she can defend herself together with the girl.John and Carver didn't notice that Cathy was gone they concentrate looking for the princess.In a minute Cathy entered the room cause she's hear some noise until she saw a man trying to kill and sip the girl's blood,Cathy was on time to help the
girl and she shout at the young girl"go out now,run as fast as you can,go."Cathy and the vampire man are fighting at each other,they didn't stop until they heard the young girl shout,both of them stop.Cathy push the vampire man and she went to the young girl,until she found out the young girl already dead and she's full of blood on her shirt.Cathy didn't know that there are two vampire inside the house,but she didn't give up she fight the two of them alone until the first vampire didn't allow the second vampire to touch her cause the second vampire already kill his prey,the young girl is his prey.The second vampire immediately go out at the house , Cathy and the first vampire continued fighting until she took her silver dagger at her coat,before that the vampire man stop cause his not afraid of the silver dagger just because he didn't prepare to die,he admit that Cathy is good at fighting and he wishes that they gonna meet someday.The vampire man is gone and Cathy don't know what to do to the body of the girl,she decided to burn the entire house so girl won't turn into a vampire.

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Author: Jolleybay Delfino 
Facebook: Aiko Delfino

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