The pain and sorrow, the anger and hunger, the cries and laughter, the smiles and the bittersweet moment. The ups and downs,  the rise and fall, are all what makes up life. Without these, imagine how boring the world will be. 

Life is good, we should enjoy to the the very fullest. Because opportunity comes but once, so when we get the chance to cry, we should cry our eyes out. And when there is a chance to laugh, laugh as if you don't have a head. They might think you're crazy, but you just don't wanna sit quietly and watch it pass you by. 

Life is adventurous, It like going on a mission in search of gold in the thick forest, the pains you go through. That is, the lonely nights, with the mosquitoes troubling you, not to even think about the bees. The mud you get stuck in, how you almost got drowned. And how you run as far as your legs could carry you because you're being chased by wild animals. How you eat smoked fish without any salt, pepper and a whole lot just coz you're hungry. How it rains in the forest and you can't find shelter but end up catching cold. 

But when we find that gold, the pain we went through will be remembered no more. And if we are unable to complete the mission coz we got drowned, eaten by wild animals or died of hunger, It just like a game. You get to REPLAY. Eight times fall, nine times rise. ThAT'S LIFE 

Author : Ivy Darko 
Facebook Name : Ivie Akua Darko 
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