Mr Levi's last job

Interviews upon interviews, I've had enough of them all. Now my nickname is "Levi of all interviews ". Why is life so unfair? Is not like I'm searching for the job of the President or to work at the world bank, I've gone for interviews for the job of a cashier, an assistant and now I'm going for an interview to become a gardener,  crazy right?. If this also fails, I swear I'd rather stay at home and die of hunger than to go for an interview to become a begger on the streets.

Life hasn't been good to me, I have such a troublesome wife, I wonder if she took after her mother or her father. And if it's her mother, why would her father marry such a woman to produce babies who only contribute greatly to social vices. There's one question I keep asking God, that if he was going to make me very poor ,why did he give me such a disobedient and troublesome son. From a grandma to a daughter to a son, you can imagine "Worst". Now she has left me coz I'm jobless.

I got to the rich man's house at 7:00am although the exact time for the interview was 8:00am. That meant that I was an hour early. He was having his breakfast so I was offered a seat. When I saw his breakfast, I laughed to my self and murmured  "Doctor indeed "
They come on various television and radio stations, saying this blood group should eat this and avoid that, blah blah blah. And that each one is suppose to eat one egg at least a day, and if you eat more than one, you should go for checkup. But his is like ten eggs fried into one large bread. I wonder if they were jealous of the little food we get to eat. I bet if I was rich, I would have done the same thing. I think the only good thing about being poor is that you get to have a balanced diet.

" Young man, how sure are you that you can do this job?,  coz you look very educated".

" Sir, I have been looking for a job for almost two years now, and i also have a family to take care of, please this is my last hope. And please don't worry I have skills "

" Okay you're hired, but you have to start today "

I knew I had to start immediately, It was definitely going to take me six months to complete, because it was such a big house. Through out the whole six months, I never saw his wife and children or any member of his family visiting him. It was after he hired me as his personal gardener that I got to know.

" I have been diagnosed with a sickness that has made me impotent,  I decided not to get married because I didn't like to be nagged and troubled. "

" Yeah, women do be crazy " We both laughed.

"That's why I want to make you the manager of my business. Not to worry I will give you someone to train you in that field. "

" That's great sir, but how sure are you that I can be trusted?, I'm only human "

" Haha, young man, I know you're humble and hard working. I trust you completely "

That's how it all happened, from a poor gardener to a new heir of a great business empire. My wife came to beg after hearing the news. I forgave her because she was the right woman to continue the journey with. And my son, stubborn as always. As I said,  it was in his BLOOD.

Lesson :
Be patient in life, don't rush to be rich. Because there are no shortcuts to heaven.

Author : Ivy Darko
Facebook Name:Ivie Akua Darko

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