My Worst Love Story

16 September

I am feeling so stupid for letting that happen.. Here I am, sitting here with tears that makes my vision blur. I love him and know he also does maybe more than I do. I didn't mean to betray such a wonderful love he had for me. I keep on asking myself why this happened. 

I met Carlos as a stranger, got to know him as a friend and then slowly, he won himself into my heart. I don't know how he did it, but he made me fall too hard and deeply in love with him even though I wasn't aware. Then finally, he proposed to me during my birthday and those words that he spoke to me made everything around me so perfect. Some of my friends told me he is too hot and look very old for me. An age difference of six years did not really matter to me. All I knew was he loved me and I loved him too. On his birthday, I met his family and he said I was the most wonderful thing that had ever happened to him. His brother was so receptive and so was their mom. They adored me a lot. After this, I was legally allowed to visit him at anytime. 

I visited him a lot of times and was even scared of what might happen with both of us alone but he was a gentleman, a real one who treated me with respect and not even once did he try touching me and that made me love him the more. 

One Saturday, I went to Carlos' house, rang the bell for about five minutes and Carlos brother, Delight, opened the door 
Carlos was not around so Delight suggested we play  a game of scrabble while I wait for Carlos. 

We sat opposite to each other with the tea table in between us. We had finished with the first two games and I was leading with points already. Just when we were about to start the third game, he told me how beautiful I was and asked me to kiss him. Just to make sure my ears were not playing tricks on me, I pretended I didn't hear what he said and requested he repeats himself and lo and behold, he repeated the same words, " kiss me ". " What? " I questioned with shock but he paid little attention to my comments and all I could see was his mouth planted firmly on mine. I stood motionless and then he held me close to him to the extent that I could even feel his heart beat and his breath. As hard as I tried resisting, I couldn't. He kissed me so deeply that I couldn't resist and and wanted more of his sweet kisses. 
Delight was the sweetest taste of sin. He started unzipping my dress before I could even say a word. I knew he had to stop but he was so strong and it felt so good that I wanted him to continue so badly. To our utmost surprise, Delight's mother entered the room unannounced. I hid my face in my palm and before I knew, I was out of the house with shame.

 Carlos was never told what had happened but I couldn't face him and had to avoid him for a week. Not long after the incident, their mom died. She died with the secret but I was still alive with the guilt. My  conscience wouldn't allow me so I had to break up with Carlos. What transpired between the two brothers was unknown to me. Carlos was a good guy and the best guy I ever dated but had to let him go to free myself of the quilt. This isn't  just a story but my worst Love story. 

Author: Kudzordzi Ends Sarah

Source: Advocate For Youth 

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