Saddest Moment

They were running, but I was walking. They all were intelligent but I was very dumb . They were the favorite of all the teachers and the talked about in school, but I was just a lame girl who always made a fool of herself in other to be accepted. I was always trying to impress them.

They had the good grades and I had the bad ones
They were big fishes, but I was just a tiny little fish. I was just someone they come to whenever they felt sad. How useless was I?. I wasn't good at school work, had no talents, and was very dumb and lame.

But then I said to myself "No more". I'm not going to be someone's playing toy, I'm not going to impress others but rather express. And I will stop at nothing till I discover the real me and what I'm good at . And I will find what I have that makes me different from others. You should do the same.

Author : Ivie Darko 
Facebook Name : Ivie Akua Darko 
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