31 October

Sam Pig's Trousers

Sam Pig was always hard on his trousers. He tore them on brambles and hooked them in the gorse bushes. He lost little pieces of them in t...
28 October

Driving On Ice

In many northern states the winters are so cold that the lakes freeze right over. In Minnesota, Michigan, and Maine, the ice in these lake...
23 October

The Birthmark

I was born with a birthmark that looked like a bruised flower. It trailed along the left side of my face, from hairline to where neck and...
07 October

The Spirit

The Wee One, sat in her thinking place, puzzling. The purple hyacinths grew behind the moss covered rock she sat upon.  
04 October

A Barber And A Fool

A barber Shop was filled with customers when a little boy walks into the shop. Looking at the little boy, the barber whispers t...
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