The Picnic

One day a family.gif (4436 bytes)went out for a picnic.
They took atest.bmp (466678 bytes) , and atest.bmp (466678 bytes) and went to thetest.bmp (466678 bytes).
When they got to thetest.bmp (466678 bytes) , the boy.gif (1881 bytes) and thegirl.gif (2139 bytes)
went to play on the test.bmp (466678 bytes).  While they were playing,
they saw a cute littletest.bmp (466678 bytes)eating antest.bmp (466678 bytes), in a bigtree.gif (2344 bytes).
When they saw thetest.bmp (466678 bytes)eating, thegirl.gif (2139 bytes)boy.gif (1881 bytes)  got hungry.
So they went to help their mother.gif (2152 bytes)  and father.gif (2086 bytes)put down thetest.bmp (466678 bytes) 
and get the food out of thetest.bmp (466678 bytes)
Thegirl.gif (2139 bytes)and herfather.gif (2086 bytes) had atest.bmp (466678 bytes)each.
The boy.gif (1881 bytes) and his mother.gif (2152 bytes) each had a test.bmp (466678 bytes).  
The whole family.gif (4436 bytes)had sometest.bmp (466678 bytes)with their food,
and sometest.bmp (466678 bytes)for dessert. 
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