The Trip

One day a littletest.bmp (466678 bytes)went shopping with her test.bmp (466678 bytes).
They waited for thetest.bmp (466678 bytes)to take them to the mall.gif (2783 bytes).
When thetest.bmp (466678 bytes)came, the test.bmp (466678 bytes) took some coins.gif (1586 bytes)out of herpurse.gif (1743 bytes)
to pay for the test.bmp (466678 bytes).  They sat down.gif (1420 bytes)and looked out the window.gif (1488 bytes).
They saw sometest.bmp (466678 bytes) and a lot of   test.bmp (466678 bytes)
Thetest.bmp (466678 bytes)took them to the mall.gif (2783 bytes) where they
bought thetest.bmp (466678 bytes)some new shoes.gif (1900 bytes) and a newdress.gif (1719 bytes).
The test.bmp (466678 bytes)and thetest.bmp (466678 bytes)each had an cone.gif (1609 bytes)...  YUM!!
Then they got back on thetest.bmp (466678 bytes)and went  test.bmp (466678 bytes).
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