This Is Me And My Dream

27 October
Once upon a time I been dreaming it's strange cause its like real and when I woke up,I decide to tell my sister about it but I forgot what is my dream all about.
I try and try to remember but I can't,its make my head hurt.I just wander why every time I had a dream I always wanted to know the person or the things that I see in my dream,its look familiar or something that make me excited.One night it's time to sleep before I going to sleep  I want to listen a music first after that I'm going to sleep.I close my eyes and I almost can't hear a noise and I sleep so deep.In my dream I was in the strange place like a horror every time I saw a place full of fog and almost can't see where your going!.I feel like I been followed and I'm scared,but I have no choice just walk and walk.

Suddenly I saw a shadow in a fog and I don't want to go near of it,I try to find another way but its running to  me I have no choice but to run too, and it make my heart race to fast and fast I try to open my eyes but I can't its like just a real world that hard to escape from someone.I force myself to wake up but its still not working,when I concentrate to myself to wake up a scary creature was near on me already,its make my heart beat to fast and I force myself to open my eyes and finally I woke up.When I woke up I feel relieved and don't know what to think but it's really scary.Sometimes you can't control your self in a dream I still don't know if the girl running and feel scared and feel the heart beat to fast was me??cause I don't see my face on it and perhaps is was me cause I can feel how scary it was.
Its still 3 am in the morning I was happy that I was dreaming a scary dream,I know its not true cause only a nightmare can kill you.It's just a scary dream,only I can do is to imagine something so that scary one will gone.I sleep again cause its to early for me to wake up,all I can do is to sleep again.
When I lay down I put an earphone and listen to a music,I don't know that I already sleep all I can remember is  there's   a garden full of beautiful flowers and there's so many butterflies on it.Its so beautiful I can feel it,like I  the one was on the garden trying to pick a flowers and capturing some butterflies,I feel so happy and I don't want to wake up.Suddenly there was a man I feel like his handsome and it's stupid for me that I don't know him and he suddenly  kiss me.It's strange I can feel his lips its so nice and it make my heart race to fast and suddenly I hear sound and it's make me to woke up,I forgot that I set my alarm.And I was so mad cause I don't want to woke up yet I want to feel the kiss more,,its was bad timing why my first dream was about a horror and the last one is about joyful.The truth I can't forget what happened cause I still felt that man lips on mine,its so hard to forgot maybe that's was my first kiss .I hope I will dream it again.
I been waiting for that time but its strange my dream that was in the garden where I feel the kiss were never show up,its all blank my dream was all blank it's sunk that dream never show up but I won't lose hope,I will wait for it.

Author: Jolleybay Delfino
Facebook: Aiko Delfino
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