22 November
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Before I noticed that it was getting dark, it was already late. I was trying my best to get over the happenings of the day but everything looked like a mystery.
I had come to visit Jude with an envelop only to meet him in the cold arms of death. I wished he had waited a full day. I wish he had waited to tell me good bye. I had called him to tell him that I was coming, but I wanted to keep the surprise a surprise. If I had told him on phone he would have lived some years more on Earth.
Looking at the cold hands, the cold tea and the note beside, tears begun dropping out of my eyes. Only 24 hours, he would have met his future. 

I looked at the paper and it was a very short note, short like if someone had forced him to put sown something before going.
It read,
" Like thorns on the rose
I was born into a bed of roses 
but the hatred of this world
took away all leaving my thorns
They sent me into the world 
All alone to let me be
Let me go and tell them
that I can't make it alone
Goodbye sad world 
Goodbye Mary 
Goodbye misery 
I miss you all 
but hell is better than earth!"
Cold tears dropped down my eyes. I knew his would was already burning in hell. If only God would consider people that had a sad time on earth, their punishment would not be like that of the politicians. I held his cold hands. The only hands that wrote the truth. Those hands that held me while we worked. The only male best friend I had. The only one that ever told me I was ugly. I wished he was there in his house to serve me those snacks we ate together. We drank garri together but I enjoyed it. 
I exhorted my parents to buy our text books because I knew his back ground. His aunt would never let his uncle release money for books. He never wore good clothes except I helped him. Despite all these he was still cute. His smiles were still the best.
SO he wasn't completely free from depression...?
What really happened? Jude was an only son, and he never knew his dad. His mum brought him up to the JSS3 level and like a seasonal movie, died in a motor accident. He was adopted by his uncle who had the Jezebel of a wife. No one knew what he was passing through.

His uncle was a very wealth but busy man. He seemed not to know what was happening or maybe knew but played deaf ears. They would go to the boutique together to buy clothes for the kids, only Jude would be at home. They made sure his stay at home was so frustrating, locked all rooms and kept only his own room open.

There would be light but the television would be locked behind closed doors. Those moments he had no phone, contributing a milli to his boredom. He was older than his uncle's kids but they all had smart phones to their disposal. Those moments when he was alone in the house, he gradually slipped into depression.

Depression that no one seemed to bother about. Wishes that death could take him away flooded his hearts. He was wishing he could stay with his parents all life long even if it were in hell fire, if it actually was in existence. Life seemed such a burden and the people around made it more miserable. They made him see himself as a burden to them.
His cousins were the more miserable. They treated him like a houseboy. They made it to look like he came in between them to consume their dad's wealth. They never cared about the poor boys feelings and slowly his life was deprecating.

It was in the midst of this that he got admission into campus. We met while I was on an evangelism mission and after speaking with him, I came to find out that he was very close to his grave. Using some skills which I had learnt from my days at the Girls' Guide, I was able to speak him out of depression, but I thought it was over. We became friends and very close ones at that.

I knew his family background and didn't expect anything from him. I just wanted to make sure he was happy in life. He applied for this scholarship and told me. The day he wrote the exams we prayed together before going. He used my phone number since he had none and my house because I came from home.

Three days before this, I noticed he had started becoming withdrawn again. He didn't smile at my jokes or even start up the discussions again. He kept on hissing and sighing whenever we were together. I thought something was wrong at home and kept persuading him to talk all to no avail.
Today, the mail landed in our house and I saw his name on it. The organisation would never get back to you unless you were eligible. I knew Jude had made the exams. I knew he would be travelling to Canada in the next three months for the course. I was seeing a billionaire best friend before me. I had not called that day because his room mate had traveled.

I wanted to make sure I was there to see him dance and rejoice but on arrival, I met a corpse. I wished I had called. I wished he had a phone. Everything is a waste. What a LIFE. Good things don't last long. Jude was good, but we have to painfully say RIP.

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