I remember perfectly well the kind of   shock that brushes through me each time I hear him call my name, it felt like electricity.
How I have lots of studies and homework to do but lies to him I have nothing doing just to be with him, the speed I use to pick up his call in other not to miss it. All these made me realize I was in love with him. Unfortunately for me, he did not feel the same way, but we were best friends though

I quite remember he said he had something to tell me when we were at the beach, he said he was in love with someone but was not sure if that person loves him back. For a moment I thought it was me, but it turned out to be Becky, the hottest girl on campus.

For a whole week, I wasn't able to concentrate on anything because I was heartbroken, I always asked myself why he loved her but not me.

On the day of our graduation from the University, he did something in front of everyone that made me still for a longtime, confused and shaking, I almost cried. He proposed, not to Becky but to me. He said that he has been in love with me ever since and did not know if I felt the same way, that was why he made up the lie about him and Becky to see how I'd react. I was still confused, I wanted to ask whether he was going insane but I couldn't even open my mouth, when he asked me if I wanted to marry him, I could only nod.

When you meet someone special you'll know. Your heart will beat more rapidly and you'll smile for no reason. 

Name: Ivy Darko 
Nationality: Ghanaian 
Facebook Name: Ivie Akua Darko
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