Tone Of Tears

05 December
Tone Of Tears
My life is full of tears,
But I use to fight then and then,

This makes me feel inferior,
I don't know I will smile to who and when,
But I keep in up,I bring it on.

I think I'm labelled hate me,
Because thus how they treat my soul,
If even my father can leave me,
Makes  my whole life resembles an oul,
By I keep it up, I bring it on.

I have no true lover,Even the fake one,
But I don't bother,We only live once,
Like diamonds in the sky,I see their lights on, but I keep it high, I bring it on.

The Bush that saved you,
Do not really burn,
Mom I really loves you,
Our relation never turn,
I keep it up, I bing it on.

Credit: Vivian Chula

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